Visit Dornoch

Explore a quaint Scottish village with a fascinating history

Take your time to explore the quaint village and former royal Burgh of Dornoch -a name derived from the Gaelic for ‘pebbly place’- situated on the East coast of Scotland, about an hour’s drive away.

If Dornoch’s walls could talk, they would tell an interesting story. The last witch of Scotland was burnt here (1727), but it is also the place where pop star Madonna’s son Rocco was christened (2000).

Visit the village’s cozy shops and local museum, enjoy a nice lunch in one of the pretty restaurants and cafes, and end your day with a lovely stroll along the beach.

Are you a golf enthusiast? Visit Dornoch for a day of golf.


Half day
4 pax maximum
£60 per hour / max of £300 per day

Image: John Haslam, CC BY 2.0