Forage your own meal

Forage tasty ingredients for dinner

Spend the day exploring and experiencing the reserve in a very special way: in preparation for dinner. You will be surprised how much of what’s growing on the reserve is edible, and tasty!

One of our rangers will take you around the reserve, in search for the best plants, herbs and mushrooms, if available. Then it’s off to one of the lochs for some trout fishing.

At the end of the day, Alladale’s chef will prepare a tasty meal, using all the ingredients you have collected from the reserve.

Please be aware that this is a highly weather dependent activity, and that the various seasons have a big impact on the availability of various plants and fungi around the reserve. 

For those who want to learn more about foraging in general, or want to book specific foraging courses in Scotland, please do get in touch with the amazing Monica Wilde, who is featured in the above video.

Full day

6 pax maximum

£200 (excl. dinner)