Alladale's suppliers

Alladale prides itself for working with a number of sustainable and eco-friendly businesses. 

Nature Siberica produces Alladale’s unique range of organic toiletries. Based in Siberia, this international award winning eco-friendly company has been a partner of Alladale for many years. 

Having fallen under Alladale’s spell from her first visit in 2005, Susy Paisley’s textile tribute to its charms has been brewing for some time. Susy has a PhD in conservation biology (she says Alladale reminds her of the Andes where she used to study bears) and she is also a prize-winning textile and wallpaper designer. She combines her passions in designs like this one, paying tribute to wild species and raising money for conservation. 

Susy’s business is called Newton Paisley and through it she sells a large collection of her existing designs about wild nature and conservation. She also creates bespoke designs for clients as she did with the Alladale design. There are various steps in this process: determining a client’s needs in terms of style and palate; researching and illustrating the pertinent flora and fauna, creating the repeating pattern, and then sustainably producing the designs as printed fabrics, wallpaper and handmade rugs.

The Alladale design is a scenic design, featuring our meandering Alladale river and hills. A towering Caledonian pine is home to a pair of Scottish crossbills, the only British bird found nowhere else in the world. Scene-setting iconic elements include heather, Spear thistle, and black grouse. Endangered species include white-tailed eagles, toothwort, pearl-bordered fritillaries, freshwater pearl mussels and Scottish wildcats amongst many other creatures including our Handsome Dan, Alladale’s most photogenic red deer. 

For every metre of fabric and roll of wallpaper sold, 100m2 of wild habitat is preserved through World Land Trust


Biosafe Solutions is a Scottish based business which provides all Alladale’s cleaning products and detergents. The company’s main concern is to provide alternatives for environmentally responsible companies which appreciate and understand the need to use non-toxic industrial cleaning solutions. Biosafe supplies a wide range of powerful plant-based industrial cleaners, solvents and specialty products across the UK and Europe that provide extraordinary cleaning results whilst protecting customers and the environment.


A family-owned business, Highland Fish‘s reputation as a partner to some of the best restaurants in the Highlands has grown through their commitment to supplying only the finest quality produce. All their seafood is sourced locally, from sustainable stocks.

The Black Isle Brewery is the UK’s premier organic beer brewery, making world class beers from the finest organic malt and hops grown on farms without chemicals, just as nature intended. Based about an hour’s drive from Alladale, our friends at B.I.B. produce an impressive range of beers, which we are glad to offer to our guests. 


The Fine Wine Company is an independent family business which work closely with some of the UK’s best importers with a fine selection of Wines, Spirits and gifts available to order online. Established in 2002 in Edinburgh, the Fine Wine Company is a family owned business which has grown from strength to strength over the decade. This down to earth, friendly and helpful specialist wine shop offers a range of interesting wines from mostly smaller producers. 


Munro Fruit Merchants Ltd

With over 25 years experience of specialist catering and retail supply in the Highlands, Munro Fruit Merchants is able to offer a viable local alternative to the multi nationals. Munro Fruit supports the local Foodbanks in the Scottish Highlands through donations from its clients.

Three Little Bakers is an Inverness based small family run bakery with one shop also catering for retail and wholesale.

Williamson Foodservice is a family owned and operated business based in Inverness with depots in Stornoway and Glasgow. Specialising in fresh and chilled food and drink they operate a temperature controlled fleet which services the hospitality and retail industries throughout the North of Scotland and western Isles. Alladale especially uses the unique range of foraged products Williamson offers. 

The Tain Pottery, firmly established as one of the largest Scottish ceramic manufacturers offers a range of products created by traditional craft technique and skill. The ware has been developed by a team of artisans including two expert potters who between them have more than 50 years experience creating craft ceramics. 

All our outdoor clothing, as worn by Alladale’s staff, is produced by Scottish based outdoor clothing specialist Keela. Our friends at Keela were the first waterproof clothing manufacturer in the UK to sign up to the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) and together we are working to ensure our garments are as sustainable as possible. 

Local company Ardgay Game is a second generation family business, established in 1982. Alladale has been working with Ardgay Game for many years and is not only a customer, but also a supplier of Scottish wild venison. 


All mattresses used at Alladale have been manufactured by the Inverness based company Highland BlindCraft Beds. Highland BlindCraft was established over 140 years ago; a factory was set up to provide employment for blind children when they were ready to leave the Blind School in Inverness. Today, as a registered Scottish charity, Highland BlindCraft is still run on the same founding principals, although included are people with a variety of disabilities from all over the Highlands and Islands. In its full production factory in Inverness, Highland BlindCraft employ 19 highly skilled visually impaired and disabled people, along with 4 other able-bodied individuals. Designing, manufacturing and selling: beds, divans, mattresses, headboards and chairs to the highest standards. Highland BlindCraft is an ethically run business, employing and supporting local people doing a fantastic job.

Leica products are the result of over 100 years of knowledge and experience in developing and manufacturing optical systems. Everything we create shares the same goal: offering you the perfect visual experience for many years to come!