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In the UK, the popularity of the red squirrel has risen at the same time as its population has plummeted. Red squirrels struggle to compete with grey squirrels, especially in mixed woodland, and they are also susceptible to a deadly squirrel pox which is carried by the greys.

What We Are Doing At Alladale To Help

Since the initial release of 36 red squirrels at Alladale in 2013, in collaboration with the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation, the impact has been remarkable. The efforts extended beyond Alladale, reaching neighboring areas such as Amat, Croick, and Glencalvie. 

Over the years, these resilient creatures have not only thrived but also significantly expanded their territory. It's heartening to witness their playful antics not only within the confines of Alladale Lodge but also in the surrounding areas, demonstrating a flourishing population and a testament to the success of the conservation efforts.