Gaelic Roots School of Herbalism

Empower your health and relationship with nature

Sacred Warrior Gaelic Roots School of Herbalism, July 24th – 31st 2020

The Sacred Warrior Gaelic Roots School of Herbalism at Alladale Wilderness Reserve is an experiential dive to empower your health and relationship with nature. You’ll experience plants from ground to medicine and develop health-building practices to empower yourself while caring for the Earth. We’ll explore traditional Gaelic medicine and plant lore of the Highlands along with universal principles of Holistic Herbalism.

Together, we’ll wildcraft, make tinctures, vinegars, oils, salves, teas, and herbal infusions. You’ll come away with an experiential foundation in holistic herbalism, personalized healing practices and renewed relationships with yourselves, and with the natural world. This week-long course is the first of three seasonal phases that can be taken independently or in sequence. Participants will also be involved in a planting project to heal and rewild the Highland landscape. The experience is led by Herbalist & Sacred Warrior Founder, Vanessa Chakour whose approach to Herbalism reminds you how to listen to the wild within, and learn from the language of nature.



• Holistic Herbalism Training & Practice • Daily Movement & Meditation •
Hiking & Nature Connection • Solo Time in the Wilderness • Creative Exploration •
Medicine Making  • Principles of Ecology • Supportive Community •
Delicious Meals crafted by Nourish by Nicola

Your booking will be process through the Sacred Warrior website where you’ll also find more information regarding the itinerary, costs, and getting organised. 

Deanich Lodge is one of the most remote buildings in Scotland –  a true off the grid experience. Situated seven miles from Alladale Lodge, Deanich is hidden deep in the stunning reserve. The view and location make this place so extraordinary: staying here means experiencing the epiphany of Scotland’s rough beauty. This is where herds of red deer gather and golden eagles nest. Driving up through Glen Mor and being treated to a view of Deanich Lodge amidst dramatic mountain tops is a sight to behold.

Limited to 12 students in 4 spacious, shared rooms. Fully equipped kitchen and spacious open-plan living room and dining room. We’ll spend most of our time outside in the stunning wilderness.


Vanessa Chakour is the founder of Sacred Warrior whose mission is to deepen relationship with ourselves and the environment. An herbalist, artist, activist, meditation teacher, former competitive boxer and trainer, Vanessa’s teachings are a dynamic blend of her vast personal experiences over the last two decades. Her unique approach is rooted in the belief that healing happens through re-awakening an intuitive connection to ourselves, the natural world and our own “inner-wild.”

Vanessa works as matchmaker between participants and nature, inspiring personal relationships with the plants and animals around us. These intimate understandings create eco-defenders and Sacred Warriors, impassioned to defend our planet and home, so necessary at this time. She accomplishes this through curating embodied experiences in her workshops, herbal apprenticeships, and retreats in partnership with wildlife organizations.

A fierce defender and advocate of the land, Vanessa embodies the practices she teaches. She has spearheaded collaborative land-based education programs to inspire ecological awareness and land stewardship for the benefit of the earth and all species. Vanessa teaches ongoing Herbalism Courses and workshops in NYC and throughout the northeast, and runs Rewilding Retreats in New York, Costa Rica and Scotland.



Nicola Orr began her career as a microbiologist. However, she felt drawn to travel and seeing an ad in a local paper, got her first job cooking in the French Alps. This is where her journey with food began. She was called to use her skills in nutrition, wellbeing and holistic health around the world and has traveled extensively to study and cook for retreats. Now grounding back home in Scotland, Nicola is integrating her teachings and experience to create nourishing and delcious food that blends science, ancient wisdom and reconnects us to the land. She is committed to a sustainable lifestyle through foraging and ethically sourced food. Her passion is to empower people to heal themselves by giving them simple tools toward healing through food and rekindling the hearth in all homes.

ABOUT SACRED WARRIOR: Sacred Warrior experiences strengthen relationship with yourself and the environment. Integrated practices reveal your innate wisdom and power, while outdoor retreats and courses connect you to the plants and animals that share your ecosystem. 


Founder and retreat facilitator, Vanessa Chakour facilitates a lived experience of the Sacred Warrior philosophy. With the Sacred Warrior system of training, you’ll engage integrated practices of meditation, movement & creative exploration to reveal innate strength. Teachings of ecology and local plant medicine are integrated to experience interconnection, recall ancestral healing practices & reclaim connection to the earth.