Natural Change

Natural Change will help you follow your own authentic path with purpose and integrity in a world of turmoil and uncertainty.

September 14th – 20th 2019

The origins of the things we want to change in our lives often lie in the difference between the way we think and how nature works – be it our own individual nature, the nature of human relationships or the nature of our planet.

By reconnecting deeply with ourselves, with each other and the world around us, we allow the way nature works to flow back into our thinking. By healing the rift between ourselves and nature we open the door to profound, personal transformation that improves our well-being, makes us more resilient and feel more complete. It helps us find our path to living with authenticity and purpose, a path where our actions make a valued contribution to the world.

A Natural Change Retreat offers an increasingly rare chance to truly experience ourselves as part of the web of life and be inspired by our place among its ever changing yet timeless relationships. A powerfully transformative experience, previous participants have afterwards reported:

* feeling liberated, revived and inspired

* reconnecting with the things that are truly important to them

* enjoying richer relationships with others and with nature

* gaining unexpected insights and a fresh perspective on the world

* having developed the courage, energy and strength to do what really matters to them

Delivered to 1,127 individuals from the public, private and third sectors since 2008 by an experienced team of 10 qualified and accomplished experts, the Natural Change approach is founded on over two decades of study and professional experience. Drawing on the well established fields of ecopsychology, group dynamics and outdoor learning, it is underpinned by a significant body of evidence that the benefits of experiences in nature include mental balance and personal well-being, comprising:

* psychological benefits, eg less anxiety and depression;

* physiological benefits, eg reduced heart disease, cancer, diabetes and better recovery rates from trauma;

* social benefits, eg less social isolation, better communication, better relationships, greater creativity, better leadership, deeper engagement, and a greater capacity to live more sustainably.


£2,700 pp


Six night’s accommodation, all food and facilitation over seven days exclusively at the Alladale Wilderness Reserve, selected by Natural Change as its principal location because of Alladale’s unique environment and shared values.

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