Natural Change

Leadership in the climate emergency

Develop your response to the climate & nature emergencies

with Natural Change


September 12th – 19th 2020

A leader in your organisation or an influential figure in your profession, you want to contribute to changing our organisations, society and economy to meet the demands of the climate and nature emergencies.

But the transformative changes required are only possible if we break through the cultural conditioning that causes us to think and behave as if we are not part of nature. That’s why our powerful programme opens the space for a deep emotional and psychological shift that enables you to think, feel and act in tune with nature and find exceptionally effective ways of creating change that really matters.

Join nine of your peers for a unique, invitation-only week in the wild beauty of the Scottish Highlands. A true retreat from the pervasive distractions of technology, busy-ness and day-to-day demands.

Our retreats maximise the positive effects of extended time in wild places to engage the full range of human cognitive capacity, bringing together a powerful mix of logic, emotional intelligence, instinct and imagination. Whether you are newly concerned or have a long-standing commitment to action for sustainability, this is an unrivaled opportunity to reflect profoundly and explore how you and your organisation will respond to the defining challenges of our age.

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