Rewild Yourself. A complete internal reset, to take control of your personal and professional life.

June 28th – July 4th 2020, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

About the retreat

The Rewild Yourself retreat gives you the opportunity to indulge in your passions and interests, to lose yourself and to find yourself; in the UK’s last remaining wilderness, on the hillsides of the Scottish Highlands.

Attendees will be asked to detox digitally and participate in sessions of silence to expand your consciousness. A daily meditation and yoga practice will help heal both your body and mind. Attendees will participate in a ‘solo-in-nature’ experience and swim in the wild to feel at one with nature. You will embark on hikes with the reserve rangers to explore and connect with your own nature. You can go off on your own along the glens and feel present in a ‘living painting’. Attendees will feel inspired by the locals and the management of this wilderness reserve who dedicate their time to creating a better world.

This could also be a great opportunity to bring your partner! 

The power of time off / Rewild yourself

Image: Mischa Keijser for ThePowerOfTimeOff


Escape to the heart of the Scottish Highlands, the UK’s last remaining wilderness, and embrace in the privacy of a truly wild environment. This Rewild Yourself retreat will be led by Ingrid Valks, a facilitator for natural leadership and an internationally certified yoga and meditation teacher. Ingrid brings over 20 years of experience in creating memorable live events with impact for corporations and non-profit organizations worldwide. In her business life she connected people with brands and organizations. Today she connects people with themselves and their communities. 

Rewild Yourself

Revitalize in nature, with simplicity and healthy food, in combination with body movement, mind training, silence and relaxation. A deep transformational experience to elevate your life. The title Rewild Yourself refers to Ingrid Valks’ belief that when you take time-off to spend time in nature, away from distractions, it will improve your general well-being, restore your body, recharge your mind and improve your ability to reconnect with yourself. The key for strong and long lasting partnerships, friendships and alliances.

Ingrid has developed a programme which guides attendees to focus inwardly, enhances self-awareness and supports the development of new human-skills essential for 21st-century leaders who want to make an impact at work and on a more human world. This retreat is described as a complete internal reset, unleashing your potential to take leadership of  your personal and professional life. 

Individual journey

This Rewild Yourself retreat is centered around attendees’ individual journeys and joy. And although an individual process, the group will support you too. Sense and feel free to share, laugh or be still. Read more.

‘Keep close to Nature’s heart … and break clear away, once in a while, and spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.’

John MuirScottish naturalist, author, environmental philosopher


Alladale Wilderness Reserve, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, has a story to share. With 100 square kilometers of wilderness it is a place of natural beauty and a nature conservation project too.

It is a humbling experience to be stood atop one of the reserve’s many hills, gazing across a mountain loch, aware that there may not be another person for miles in any direction; enjoying the sense that you are part of it all.

One of the lodges here will be transformed to a unique yoga and meditation sala! All meals will be vegetarian, prepared from fresh and local ingredients by a private chef. Attendees will feel very special while staying at the Victorian lodge. A home away from home, offering privacy and relaxation. 


  • Duration of the retreat is from Sunday June 28th 12PM – Saturday July 4th 10AM 2020
  • Attendees do not need any yoga or meditation experience
  • Daily walks and two longer hikes in nature
  • Detox digitally. Switch off cellphones, laptops and other electronic devices
  • Gentle detox with vegetarian meals and herbal teas prepared by the private chef
  • All inclusive package including all meals and experiences


Special offer is available now for this unique 6-day retreat.

All Inclusive price per person:

  • €2,250 double room
  • €2,750 for a single room

VAT inclusive. Guests are to make their own travel arrangements up to Alladale. This is a unique opportunity with incredible value for money at a luxury reserve in the Scottish wilderness. 

You can book this retreat online!

Step 1. To book your spot, just go online here It is easy. Scroll down, choose your retreat, your room type and payment option. That’s it. 

Step 2. We will send you your invoice.

Step 3. You will receive detailed information for your retreat preparation, including what to bring,  about two weeks before your departure date.

At that time you can also share with us your personal motivation and expectations of the retreat. This helps us create a personalised experience for you.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact Ingrid by email, mobile phone or whatsapp.                         / +31 (0)651097805 

If you never make time, you never have time.