The Art of Summer Fine-Dining

Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th of August 2021 (4 days / 3 nights)


Join a 4-day summer dining experience in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, together with the company of your host Chef Raymond Blanc: A gastronomic icon, known as one of the finest chefs in the world.

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Small group experience, limited to 14 guests

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Raymond Blanc is an engaging host with an unmatched dedication to creating the finest experiences for his guests. Join him on a Hosted Gastronomy Experience in 2021, bringing you the very best seasonal and locally sourced ingredients from the Scottish Highlands, with an exclusively designed menu of wonderful dishes, together with a cooking masterclass.

Embark on a summer fine-dining experience, immersed in nature, together with the company of one of the most charismatic gastronomy legends in the world. On this 4-day trip, Raymond brings much more to the table beside the food and the eating experience. He shares his stories, passion and knowledge about food in a masterclass with a small number of guests. Enjoy this experience around the wild landscapes of Scotland’s Highlands, for the ultimate escape to one of the last corners of Europe where you can discover genuine serenity and solitude.

A Summer Feast with the Company of a Gastronomic Icon

“As a child, I gained the deepest understanding of food, without even knowing it.”
— Raymond Blanc —

Raymond Blanc is simply one of the finest chefs in the world, whose exquisite cooking has received tributes from countless guides to culinary excellence. He is a highly entertaining raconteur, who is bursting with an encyclopaedic knowledge and a love of real food with roots. Our beloved masterchef is the expert in designing the ultimate gastronomic experience through his creativity and mastery. Enjoy Raymond’s warm hospitality, knowledge and food experiences on a specially designed travel experience surrounded by the magnificent natural landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

As you get into the heart of the Highlands, set against rugged hills and the country’s most northerly ancient Caledonian pine forest, you find Alladale Wilderness Reserve, the ultimate private getaway. Enjoy the wonderful experience in nature, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the wilderness reserve, a 23,000-acre exclusively for the small group on the trip. Your itinerary includes many activities in the outdoors such as 4×4 tour of the reserve with the rangers, guided hikes, foraging, clay-pigeon shooting and mountain biking. Back at the lodge indulge in a massage or a beauty treatment at the spa, plus the use of the fitness centre.

Raymond is always eager to share his culinary knowledge and welcomes enthusiastic amateurs and professional cooks to his masterclass, providing the opportunity for home cooks to develop their skills in a relaxed and friendly environment. With a two-part masterclass in the beautiful settings around the wilderness reserve, Raymond will be taking fresh local ingredients and turning them into something really special.

With the best of local produce, feast on fresh seafood mere hours after it was caught, or wild venison from just a few miles away, or vegetables from Alladale’s own organic garden and greenhouses. This amazing local produce is the inspiration for Raymond’s seasonal menu, specially designed for the Highlands summer experience.

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