Food at Alladale

Wholesome, healthy, comforting and immensely tasty

Alladale’s chef Natasha Buttigieg produces consciously prepared local and organic fare. Our state of the art aquaponic gardens and exterior raised beds produce our vegetables, salads, herbs, and berries. Our ethically culled wild venison is available together with local game if so desired. Our regional suppliers offer fresh & wild caught seafood and local trout. We are happy to discuss bespoke menus upon request.



Natasha is known and loved by our guests for putting up amazing, comforting homely dishes. Think lovely venison stews, hearty pies, creamy soups, freshly caught trout, and sticky date pudding in a salty caramel sauce. 

Natasha prides herself on getting all of her supplies locally, which means supporting local businesses and getting ingredients of the highest quality. As of 2020, she will use vegetables grown in our brand new aquaponics vegetable garden. This 1.5 acre garden sees three large greenhouses, 400 brown trout, 3 bee hives, and a variety of fruit trees. The electricity needed to power the greenhouses is produced by our own hydro-generator, making the gardens a zero waste and zero emissions ethical food production scheme.  

When you are staying at Alladale Lodge, Natasha’s amazing cooking is included. She will prepare three lovely meals a day during the whole of your stay, which are served in the large dining room. If you’re staying in one of the smaller lodges, all breakfast items are provided for guest preparation and ready made lunch and dinner, freshly prepared every day, is delivered to your kitchen every afternoon. Instructions on how to reheat various ingredients and courses are provided. Our guest liaison will discuss your dietary requirements with you, prior to your arrival.