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We believe education is a fundamental building-block of the conservation process.



An integral part of the Alladale Wilderness Reserve vision is our HOWL (Highland Outdoor and Wilderness Learning) programme, which offers a specially designed and expert-led, environmental journey for local school children.


During the tailored experience participants not only improve their understanding about the natural world, ecology and conservation but also learn key life skills within one of the most progressive conservation projects in Scotland. We aim to enable those taking part to reconnect with our natural heritage and to ignite a passion to protect, restore and enjoy the wild.

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Our professionally managed courses make the perfect addition to a diverse biology curriculum or stand alone as an engaging summer camp. Delivered over five days and four nights, the programme includes hiking, navigation, bushcraft and numerous other outdoor activities – ecology underpins and is integrated throughout the whole journey.


The programme is ideally suited to groups of 20 – 30 young adults from one or a mix of school years, and can also include the John Muir Trust Discovery Award or Duke of Edinburgh Award accreditation.

The programme started in 2007, and since then HOWL has engaged thousands of children from schools within a 50 mile radius around Alladale.

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 Activities can include:

Wild camping (2 nights)
Deanich off-grid lodge (2 nights)
Hill climbing
Tree planting
Wildlife observation
Rock scrambling
Hiking & orienteering
Gorge walking
Mountain biking
Wild swimming
Lecture & movie night
Salmon leap
Visit to our Wildcat Breeding Programme
BBQ at Badger’s Hide



“I have been taking students to Alladale for the last seven years. It is an experience that I believe every student should have. Being out in the wilderness and removed from technology and mobile phones gives students breathing space and allows them time to think. That’s why I keep coming back!”



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