European Bison - Bison bonasus

2011 - 2013

After obtaining a full-blown zoo license in 2011, Alladale was able to import a small group (3 cows) of breeding animals from Belgium and The Netherlands. This project revolved around the premise if breeding the animals could be successful in the highlands, and to study whether a herd of European Bison could add to the overall conservation effect, similar to our Highland cattle. But on a wider managed grazing regime. 

Specialist handling systems were built to allow for compulsory bovine TB testing, as well as a feed lot for deep winter periods. Our rangers managed to keep the animals in perfect condition, with excellent health and body weight. Unfortunately due to a TB outbreak in the UK, a bull was never introduced into the herd. And being reared in parkland settings, the cows never settled properly and proved very dangerous for their handlers. It was therefore decided to terminate the project in 2013.