Legacy / Alumni tree planting initiative

2009 - 2012

The biggest reforestation project to date at Alladale took place between 2009 and 2012: planting 920,000 saplings. At a rate of 1,000 trees per day, vast areas of the reserve were reforested with Alder, Aspen, Rowan, Willow, Birch, but predominantly with Scots Pine. 

To protect the saplings, around 35 kilometer of deer fence has been put up. Effectively, these areas are now exclusion zones for Red Deer and Roe Deer. The fences are meant to last for 25 years in challenging Highland weather conditions; long enough for the saplings to grow tall and able to withstand damage done by foraging animals.

Around Alladale Lodge, deep into Glen Alladale, and in various sections in Glen Mor, the mosaic of planted tree species is hoped to grow over the next centuries. Connecting to Alladale’s neighboring estates Glen Calvie, Croick, and Amat to the east, and Strathvaich to the west, a formidable stretch of Highlands can be turned into a corridor of forests and open areas, allowing for many animal and plant species to establish themselves again, right on the doorstep of many small local communities, for all to enjoy.

Now, twelve years onward after the first trees were planted, we are seeing positive results in establishment and growth rates. Maintenance is needed in some areas, as expected, with new saplings being planted throughout 2021.

To support Alladale’s reforestation efforts, you can join our 2021 Legacy / Alumni Tree Planting Initiative. The project involves two separate efforts.

1. Native woodland enrichment planting

Twenty acres over 4 strategic locations in already fenced off areas in Glen Mor and Glen Alladale will be planted with a mix of food plant trees, in order to attract more birds into the reserve. We will be planting:






Scots Pine

Hazel, in support of attracting more red squirrels into the reserve

2. Alpine planting

This part of the project involves planting trees at a higher altitude of 450+ meters. Two locations in Glen Mor and Glen Alladale have been assigned within existing enclosures. We will be planting:

Dwarf Birch

Dwarf Willow

Your contribution

You can help fund the alumni tree project through these contributions:

Bronze scheme: £100 – 4 trees

Silver scheme: £250 – 15 trees

Gold scheme: £1000 – 100 trees

Larger donations are also welcome. Sponsorship of and donations to the project will be processed via charitable foundation The European Nature Trust, making your contribution tax deductible. 

In return, we will geo-tag the location of your trees when we plant them, and share this location with you. The saplings will be planted in areas that are fenced off for the next 25 years. Initially, we will be planting 20 acres in total. but we have the potential of replanting an area of roughly 2,000 acres. 

If you are interested in supporting Alladale’s team in our efforts to reforest our part of the Highlands, please do get in touch with Reserve Manager Innes Macneill:


+44(0)1863 755338