Natura Siberica

Alladale produces its own range of thistle-based organic toiletries, in collaboration with Natura Siberica.

Natura Siberica at Alladale

In collaboration with Natura Siberica, Russia’s leading manufacturer of natural and organic cosmetic products, Alladale harvests and processes its very own thistle. The result is a one-of-a-kind range of high quality toiletries that smell lovely and leave your hair and skin soft and hydrated.

Made with wild harvested organic Scottish thistle extract and blended with wild flowers grown in their organic farm in Khakassia, our Alladale Wilderness Reserve range is 100% natural and certified by the Soil Association. We will be expanding the line with new ingredients- juniper, bog myrtle and heather- all processed and extracted within the Reserve.






As part of Natura Siberica’s intention to have a positive impact on the world, 5% of sales from this range is donated to our sister organisation, The European Nature Trust, to help with conservation programmes in Scotland and Romania.

Our guests can enjoy our range of toiletries in our Alladale Lodge and cottages!

Available on site, or buy online HERE