Red Squirrel - Sciurus vulgaris

Started in 2013

With help of the Wildlife Foundation headed by recognised wildlife expert Roy Dennis, 36 red squirrels were translocated from the Scottish Aviemore area in 2013. 

Released in the greater Amat, Croick, Glen Calvie, and Alladale area, the population is thriving, reproducing, and spreading far and wide. Alladale is at the outer ranger of the project, and many feeders have been installed to encourage further movement.

It is hoped that as Alladale’s (replanted) forests grow, enough food will eventually be available naturally. The animals can be seen daily, running around Alladale Lodge, and have been spotted as far as the Scottish Wildcat enclosures, and even close to Alladale’s two cottages Ghillie’s Rest and Eagle’s Crag