Over the years, Alladale has developed research projects supported by leading conservationists, universities and foundations dedicated to conservation and the environment.

Research in 2018

During the summer of 2018, Alladale has been the location of a pioneering citizen science research project led by the Earthwatch Institute in partnership with The European Nature Trust.

Volunteers had the opportunity to visit the Reserve and stay at our remote Deanich Lodge and enjoy over a week’s worth of data collection and exploration with the global leaders at Earthwatch. Deanich Lodge was the field station of the project.

The Study focused on:

-Biodiversity conservation across multiple taxa (e.g., trees, native plants, birds, herbivores, carnivores), including native species reintroductions and maintenance of genetic diversity;

-Human-wildlife coexistence, including the reduction of conflict between humans and wildlife,

-The reduction of wildlife damage to crops and forests, and noninvasive pest control;

-Food-web functionality including keystone species and biodiversity, and food-web relationships driven by native plants, pollinators, large herbivores, and carnivores;

-Climate change adaptation, including using ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation to increase ecological resiliency;

-Preserving capacity for climate-change induced range shifts in flora and fauna; and

-Geospatial studies that measure habitat by cover type (remote sensing) and wildlife use (camera traps ad GPS collars), to help inform future restoration efforts.