The European Nature Trust

Protecting and Restoring a Wild Europe

The European Nature Trust (TENT) was created with the singular aim of protecting and restoring the wild areas of Europe – a sometimes overlooked conservation priority.

The unique and often irreplaceable benefits of wilderness are becoming ever more apparent. Whilst complex ecosystems are the habitat for a multitude of wild species that must be protected for all future generations, they also offer many crucial opportunities for humanity, from cycling water to supplying oxygen. Promoting this coexistence of the human and natural worlds is the unifying aim of TENT’s vision – a vision that is achievable.

TENT and Alladale have partnered up in the Highlands to restore the native Highland ecosystem at the Reserve, focusing on environmental and educational projects. These include:

– The restoration of native forestry
– The reintroduction of native wildlife
– Conservation research
– Youth education
– Peatland Restoration

7.5 % of all Alladale bookings go to TENT to help support above conservation programmes around the Reserve.

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