Wild Boar - Sus scrofa

2006 - 2013

In 2006, 30 wild boar were introduced at Alladale under a Dangerous Wild Animals licence. Led by Oxford University’s WildCru this experiment revolved around the idea of assisting natural regeneration, using the boar to disturb large areas of dense heather and bracken. An abstract from the research results, collected and published by Professor Chris Sandom can be found here

Portrait of female (sow), wild boar (Sus scrofa), Alladale, Scotland.

The project was largely successful, until the boar developed a healthy appetite for fragile Caledonian pine root systems. Nevertheless, the data collected during the research project proved very valuable. There were many challenges with access rights under the then 10-year old change in Scottish law (Freedom to roam act), but the team managed to work with the local licensing authority (Highland council) quite successfully.