Welcome to Alladale

Who we are

Alladale Wilderness Reserve is a 23,000-acre gem in the Scottish Highlands, about 1.5 hours North of Inverness. We work hard to keep this part of Scotland truly wild, by replanting lush forest and reintroducing original Highland plant & animal species. Alladale’s rugged terrain, dramatic glens, colorful hills, glistening rivers, and herds of majestic red deer will take your breath away.

Alladale offers three types of accommodation on site: the luxury Victorian lodge, two comfortable self/catered cottages, and a rustic bunkhouse tucked away deep in the reserve. 7% of our accommodation revenue is transferred to our partner The European Nature Trust. So by staying with us, you will contribute directly to a variety of conservation and restorations efforts throughout Europe.

We would love to welcome you here.


Owner – Alladale Wilderness Reserve

“We honestly feel privileged to have stayed here at Alladale Wilderness Lodge. It’s a quiet, vast space in the Highlands. Expertly managed by the team (..) and we can’t thank them enough for making our brief stay here the most wonderful family holiday we’ve had. (..) The whole holiday has been breathtaking. If you’re considering a stay. Just do it..”

– 974Harveydean, Brighton, UK