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At Alladale, we embrace collaboration with conservation groups, NGO’s and companies that believe in the restorative power of nature. Our partnerships enable us to continue regenerating the Reserve’s ecosystems, while sharing the wild side of the Highlands with curious, conscious travellers.
“Over the years, our weeklong retreats to Alladale have offered our clients some of the best nature experiences in the UK”
Tom Mabbett
Operations Manager & Tour Leader, NatureTrek
Always a special nature-watching experience, NatureTrek’s weeklong tours are some of our longest-running retreats. Explore Highland nature with like-minded wildlife lovers.
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Founded a stone’s throw from Alladale, Speyside Wildlife are passionate about sharing the wild side of the Highlands with curious travellers looking for the perfect retreat at Alladale.
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Radiance yoga
Radiance Yoga operate weeklong yoga retreats at Alladale, where guests can replenish and perfect their practice in the heart of Highland nature
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Realise earth
Realise Earth offer sustainability leadership courses in the remote wilds of Alladale. Across their Sustainability Leadership Programme, working professionals learn skills to help them strengthen their leadership and adopt purpose-led mindsets.
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Yoga by Allison
Weeklong Alladale trips with Yoga By Allison feature twice daily yoga and meditation, guided hikes, all in an otherworldly remote setting. The ideal restorative retreat.
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AWE with ÀBAn
The Alladale Wilderness Experience enables local schoolchildren to enjoy immersive educational experiences in the great outdoors.
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Alladale is partnered with RZSS’s Saving Wildcats initiative. Our breeding facility is part of a nationwide effort to ensure a future for the Scottish Wildcat.
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kyle of sutherland fisheries
We are part of the Kyle of Sutherland Fisheries ‘Riverwoods’ project, working to restore riparian woodlands at the catchment-scale on the Kyle river system.
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roy dennis wildlife foundation
A long-term supporter of the vision at Alladale, Roy Dennis’ foundation has played a central role in species translocation work at the Reserve.
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Our partners at Leica have a shared vision of connecting people to nature. Leica’s elite optical equipment allows guests and rangers at Alladale to watch and monitor wildlife in immaculate detail. The Leica photographic retreat allows budding and experienced photographers to capture the beauty of Alladale.
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Samsung is a partner for our outdoor education work, conducted in partnership with The European Nature Trust. Their support has allowed us to connect the younger generation with nature’s recovery.
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evans cycles
Our partnership with Evans Cycles allows guests to experience the rugged beauty of the Reserve with maximum freedom and enjoyment.
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We believe a wider, global consciousness is needed in today’s world. We are always inspired by the determination and daring of visionaries, tireless in their quest to restore ecosystems while driving community development through nature recovery.


Samara Karoo Reserve is an award-winning conservation project on 67,000 acres of heart-stoppingly beautiful wilderness in the Great Karoo of South Africa. Founded in 1997 by Mark and Sarah Tompkins, Samara has pioneered the rewilding of this semi-arid yet uniquely biodiverse landscape, catalysing an ambitious vision to expand the conservation area to three million acres within a global biodiversity hotspot. Today the reserve is one of South Africa’s most diverse safari destinations – comprising five vegetation biomes across strikingly varied topography, which are home to over 60 mammal species, including the Big Five and cheetah, as well as 225 bird species. Two intimate lodges welcome just 26 guests at a time for slow, meaningful and exceptional safari encounters. To immerse oneself in this landscape of infinite horizons is to experience a recalibration of the frantic modern mindset, a deep reconnection with nature and a heart-lifting vision of hope for the future. Each guest that visits Samara plays an important role in safeguarding the landscape in perpetuity.
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Bullo River Station
Bullo River Station is 500,000 acres of pristine wilderness, carved with gorges and waterfalls. Located at the confluence of the Bullo and Victoria Rivers in the Northern Territory, Bullo is one of the most breath-taking and beautiful properties in Australia. The station is managed with a philosophy of partnership, where we never take too much or work it too hard, to ensure its rich treasure trove of nature is here for generations to come. The comfortable lodge can accommodate up to 24 guests, and each of the 12 ensuite rooms have AC, opening onto either the palm fringed pool or a calm shady lawn. Owners Alexandra and Julian Burt believe cattle grazing and conservation work in concert – and to this end, a partnership with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) was formed. AWC’s work includes scientific monitoring, feral species eradication, fire management and weed control, all of which help to deliver increased diversity of native flora and fauna, leading to a positive outcome for the ecological health of this incredible landscape.