Explore the Highland capital

Inverness is the largest city in the Highlands, and its airport is the one closest to Alladale Wilderness Reserve. It is one of the smallest cities in Scotland, with around 55,000 inhabitants. But it’s also one with a picture perfect backdrop.

Climb up to Inverness castle, wonder around the small museums in town and get a bite to eat in one of the many cafes and bars.

If you are holidaying in the Highlands, Inverness is the closest you’ll get to a High Street shopping experience. You’ll find stores of well-known brands in the large Eastgate Shopping Centre, located next to the train station. The city center also has some nice shops, and so does the cute, indoor Victorian Market.

And don’t forget to check what Eden Court, the largest entertainment venue of the Highlands, has lined up for you.


Image: mendhak, CC BY-SA 2.0