Vision and Mission

Restoring the balance of nature


Custodian Paul Lister: Leaving a Legacy

“I’ve been on both sides of the debate about land use in the Highlands. In the early 1980s my family invested in commercial forestry during which time I learned about deer management and grew to love these wild uplands. Over the following decade, however, I came to understand that the ecosystem of the Highlands was broken; the natural forests were gone, the soils depleted and large predators were extinct.

When I acquired Alladale in 2003 the aim was to repair some of that damage by restoring the native flora and fauna and provide environmental education rather than focusing on the activities of a traditional sporting estate. More than 800,000 Scots pine have been planted in the past 10 years, and other native Highland species are being reintroduced.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the dedicated support of our staff, stakeholders and partner organisations. To all of you, I am very grateful. We live by a simple ethos here at Alladale: Leave the land in a better condition than you received it.”


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The Big Vision

by Terra Mater